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Capital Markets

In today's market, a deep grasp of capital stack options is crucial. Leveraging our extensive network of institutional and private investors, family offices, industry leaders, lenders, and investment banks, we assist you in pinpointing the best-fit solutions for your growth goals. Our unbiased perspective, untethered from underwriting, ensures objective insights. Here are key challenges we can help you address:

  • What's involved in the IPO process? What factors should I prioritize when selecting a lead investment bank? How should I approach equity research coverage?
  • Who are the ideal investors for my company? What are their primary apprehensions about investing, and does my business model align with the public market?
  • Who might be interested in acquiring my company? How can I differentiate between strategic and financial buyers?
  • When considering a joint venture partner, what's the optimal approach: project-based or entity-based?
  • How can I determine the true value of my company?
STOV Advisory Services LLC

Real Estate

Historically regarded as an "alternative" asset class, real estate has undergone a transformation with the advent of modern REITs (real estate investment trusts) and professional asset management. This evolution is underscored by the Dow Jones Indices creation of a separate GICS sector for real estate, reflecting its significance. Despite this, the public market represents only around 10% of real estate value in the US, as the sector remains primarily under the purview of private institutions and family businesses.

Looking ahead, we anticipate substantial investment potential in real estate, driven by demographic shifts and the impending generational transfer of wealth. As retiring Baby Boomers seek income-producing investments, managing family real estate businesses may become less tenable. Whether you seek a fundamental understanding of REITs, insights into real estate valuation, or a comprehensive view of investment opportunities, we're here to help you maximize your investment objectives.

STOV Advisory Services LLC

Investor Relations

Your company may excel at what it does, but if you're not effectively communicating your strengths to your investor base with clarity and confidence, you could be facing a valuation discount. Let us assist you in crafting and delivering your message to the audience that matters most.

Non-Deal Roadshows

  • Are you truly listening and absorbing your investors' feedback?
  • What aspects of your company's story remain unclear to your current investors?
  • How can you identify potential new investors?
  • How does your company's performance measure up against peers in your industry?

Deal-Related Roadshows

  • Are we fully aware of the constraints governing deal-related presentations and communications with potential investors?
  • Are the underwriters using our time efficiently and connecting us with relevant potential investors?

Crisis Communication

  • How can we proactively establish a media strategy in anticipation of a crisis?
  • Have we mapped out a comprehensive range of suitable responses tailored to the severity of any given incident?
  • What adjustments should we make to our communication approach to cater to diverse stakeholders, including employees, lenders, community activists, and, of course, investors?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • In 2021, there were 62.5 million Latinos in the US, up over 60% since 2000, representing 19% of the total US population. About 20 million of those were immigrants.
  • By 2021, a record number of 40-year-olds in the US had never been married, up from 20% in 2010.
  • Half of adults in the US aged 50+ were retired in 2021, though the BLS projects an increase in labor force participation among 65-69-year-olds to nearly 40% by 2030, up from 33% in 2020.
  • As of the third quarter of 2023, the homeownership rate in the US stood at 65.9%, down from the recent peak in 2020 of 67.9% but off the record low of 62.9% in 2018. Single women own more homes (58% of unmarried owner households) than single men (42%), but the gap is narrowing.
  • According to, for the first time in US history, we now have five generations in the workforce.
  • In 1970, 67% of Americans aged 25-49 lived with a spouse and one or more children younger than 18. Today, that percentage is only 37%. Same-sex married people now account for 1% of all married couples.

Data from Pew Research Center, Bureau of Labor Statistics, St. Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data, and US Census Bureau

These statistics should raise important questions:

  • Does my leadership team reflect the diversity of customers, employees, and communities?
  • Is my marketing strategy inclusive or potentially alienating?
  • How will my products or services remain relevant in a multicultural domestic and global market?

Addressing these challenges requires thoughtful analysis and strategic planning. Contact us to embark on the right path.